Renewable Energy


By providing objective information about renewable energy to Lake County residents, businesses and community organizations, LCRI aims strengthen Lake County’s economy. Lake County is blessed with abundant renewable energy resources, and the county offers homeowners, businesses, and energy developers excellent opportunities to generate heat and electricity from solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal energy. LCRI’s renewable […]

Biophysical Monitoring

Since 2002 the Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Team (CBMT) has contributed to our understand of the Fremont-Winema National Forest. The team is lead by Clair Thomas, a former Lakeview high school teacher and biologist, and local high school students LCRI has hired and trained to study the workings of Fremont-Winema Forest. By critically analyzing the impacts […]

Forest Collaboration


Lakeview Stewardship Group – Where Forest Collaboration Got its Start in Lake County Cultivating Common Ground – The Story of the Lakeview Stewardship Group “Like many other western rural communities, Lake County has been affected by shrinking timber supplies on federal lands, ” said Jane O’Keeffe, Chair Sustainable Northwest and LCRI board member. “What’s different […]

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