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Meet The Team

Where Passion and Dedication Meet


Quincy Warner

Executive Director

Quincy Warner, Executive Director at Lake County Resources Initiative, holds an accounting degree from Eastern Oregon University and proudly hails from Lake County. Raised on a ranch, she embodies the values of hard work and resilience. Beyond the boardroom, she passionately engages in community initiatives, leveraging her expertise for local causes.

In her free time, Quincy finds solace in the outdoors and indulges her passion for reined cow horses, showcasing a well-rounded commitment to work and leisure. Alongside her professional pursuits, Quincy holds a deep appreciation for her friends and family, cherishing the bonds that anchor her. A proud advocate for the intersection of business and community, Quincy Warner brings a unique perspective to LCRI, making it more than just a business—a reflection of values and commitment

Johnathan Van Roekel

Development Director

Johnathan was born and raised in the rolling farm fields and hardwood forests of Southeastern Minnesota near Northfield and the Big Woods State Park. After spending a year abroad in Košice, Slovakia, through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Johnathan attended University of Wisconsin, River Falls where he graduated in the Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Environmental Planning. After graduation Johnathan moved from the Midwest to Lakeview Oregon to serve as a Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) AmeriCorps with Lake County Resources Initiative. He served two, 11-month terms as the Rural Energy Coordinator, where he focused on providing no-cost technical assistance for rural producers and small businesses applying for energy efficiency and renewable energy grants through USDA Rural Development

In September of 2022, Johnathan assumed Director responsibilities and since then has grown the organization’s full time equivalent capacity by 400% including the addition of a Business Director, Energy Programs Manager, and Biophysical Monitoring Manager. He is passionate about regional collaboration and coordination, rural job creation and building well-resourced teams, and continuing to strengthen relationships between a broad range of funders and stakeholder groups on behalf of the organization and the local community.


Alaina Kuhlman

Energy Programs Manager

Alaina is currently managing the energy programs at Lake County Resources Initiative. She moved to Oregon from Wisconsin in 2022 after graduating from Northland College with a bachelors in Sustainable Community Development and Climate Science.


She is passionate about putting service above self via volunteer work, community events, and through the work she does at LCRI. She recently joined the Klamath Advocacy Center Board of Directors and also sits on the Oregon Department of Energy CHPDP Advisory Council.


In her free time she enjoys snuggling with her kitties and puppy, crafting and camping/ being outdoors. 

Ryan Taylor -IMG_2780.jpg

Ryan Taylor 

RARE AmeriCorps, Rural Energy Coordinator

Ryan was born and raised in Redding, California. He is a United States Army Veteran with a B.S. in Linguistics from the University of Oregon’s class of 2023. My interests include sustainability, environmentalism, and sociology. He is especially excited to learn more about renewable energy and how it can benefit our communities in Oregon while also helping cut our carbon emissions.

Ryan is currently serving in Lakeview, which is located in the south-central region of Oregon. This small, rural community is located in the high desert where there is a lot of agriculture production and wilderness to explore. For his service year, he is working at Lake County Resources Initiative, a non-profit organization that assists Lake and Klamath Counties residents, agriculture producers, and small business owners with renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. These projects aim to increase the efficiency of energy for the local members to help with their energy cost and usage.

The main project that he is working on focuses on providing technical assistance to local agriculture producers and small business owners that are interested in making their systems more energy efficient or offsetting them with renewable energy through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). This project includes reaching out to potential applicants that may qualify for the program and providing them with information to get started. For applicants that qualify, they supply the coordinators with their pertinent information. This project then crystallizes with the culmination of the grant itself and all its many parts. Then, this is followed by sending it to the applicant to review and submit for themselves.

The other projects that he is working on include connecting various rural agriculture producers with small business owners and helping them collaborate with Oregon’s rural energy network. This is done by participating in various events, meetings, and sessions

Amanda Tacke

Energy Programs Coordinator 

Amanda Tacke, LCRI's Community Organizer for Energy and Sustainability, is deeply committed to strengthening Energy Trust of Oregon initiatives, including Agricultural, Business, and Residential programs. With expertise in liaison work, Natural Resource Management, and Environmental Sciences, she is expanding her role into Grant Writing at LCRI. As a senior at Oregon State University majoring in Natural Resources, Soil Science, and Ecological Design, Amanda is deeply passionate about building a sustainable future. Her academic interest in soil health and ecology fueled her aspiration to work in regenerative agriculture and pursue these practices. In her current role, Amanda sharpens her skills in community engagement and sustainable energy practices, gaining a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between environmental sustainability and community development. She envisions a transformative path where she integrates soil science with ecological design to revolutionize agriculture, with a focus on revitalizing soil health, mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and supporting sustainable communities.

Apart from her professional dedication, Amanda enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, engaging in activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, artifact hunting, rock hunting, and ranch work. These experiences deepen her connection to nature and, as a mother, emphasize the need to safeguard our planet for the prosperity of future generations. Her dedication to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship drives her to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations toward meaningful actions that make the world a better place.

Avery Strubel 

Biophysical Monitoring Manager 

Avery was born and raised in Lakeview Oregon and continues to enjoy the area to this day. After graduating from Lakeview High school Avery attended Klamath Community College where he graduated in the spring of 2023 with an associates degree in Business management. After graduation Avery began working for LCRI on its summer crew, the Chewacan Biophysical Monitoring Team. While at LCRI he has surveyed various landscapes across the Fremont Winema National Forest, written grants, started a slash pile monitoring program, and many other things as well. 


In his free time Avery likes to spend time outdoors hunting and fishing along with hiking. Avery also likes working on cars and doing metal fabrication. Avery’s affection for the outdoors helps him align with the biophysical work that LCRI has along with helping others learn about the environment and what we can do to help it. 

Chess Board



James Williams – Board Chair

Dr. M. Emma Cornell – Secretary


Lance McMahan - Treasurer 

Cheryl Eniero 


Kristen Reese


Uma Bhugtiar

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